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"Established as an individual company thanks to the passion and dedication of my father, my brother Michele and I decided to follow in his footsteps, helping to make CG Logistics a point of reference for the interregional distribution in Puglia, Basilicata and Molise with ordinary transport with half-trucks, vans and cranes "- speaks Vito Genchi, CEO of CG Logistics on" Il Mondo dei Trasposti ", where telling the success in the territory of his company that aims to offer a fast and optimized service, both in time logistic both in management costs, for customers who decide to outsource their logistics. He goes on to explain that: "Over time the continuous evolution of the outsourcing process of the tertiary functions has made possible a strengthening of the synergies between the service system and the industrial system." CG Logistics continually invests in vehicles that aim to guarantee efficiency and organization, professionalism, flexibility and speed of their transport. Read the article in the magazine "Il Mondo dei Trasporti", published in the month of September.

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